Brook Lopez and them boys bout to lose.

There’s a Glaring Free Throw Discrepancy

As painful as it’s been to watch Giannis take an eternity to shoot his free throws, it’s been even more nauseating watching him airball them.


This gross inaccuracy has spread like a virus throughout the rest of the team, with the Bucks shooting only 71.3 percent from the line during the postseason (they shot 76 percent during the regular season). The Suns, however, pretty much don’t miss from the stripe. They were second in the league as a team prior to the playoffs (83.4 percent) and have shot even better during their march to the finals (86.2 percent). Neither team shoots a lot of them, but that’s a significant advantage. Especially with the game on the line in the closing seconds. Do you really want Giannis at the stripe with 1.3 seconds left on the clock? P.J. Tucker and them boys bout to lose.


Chris Paul Ain’t Bout to Retire Without a Championship

For 16 seasons, CP3 has fought the good fight to no avail. He’s easily the most decorated player to have never won an NBA championship and if you believe otherwise, check his resume:

As the most accomplished player to have never reached the NBA Finals—name another player who’s played in as many playoff games, earned as many All-NBA and All-Star nods, and scored as many points in the postseason—the fact that he’s finally reached the promised land in Phoenix couldn’t be more fitting.


Yes, these playoffs have been impacted by significant injuries like never before and both the Suns and Bucks have benefited along the way (let’s not act like a healthy Brooklyn team wouldn’t have swept Milwaukee in the second round), but how many times have we seen CP3 lose out on his chance to make NBA history due to bad luck and freak injuries? For all that he’s given the game, I refuse to downplay the significance of winning an NBA title this season when Paul finally becomes an NBA champion.