From the "didn't you run a background check?" file, Brent Furer, a trusted aide to Louisiana Sen. David Vitter resigned over allegations that he attacked an ex-girlfriend with a knife and has an open warrant for his arrest on drunk driving. Furer worked on the Republican senator's last campaign and has spent the last five years working on women's issues, among other things. Women's issues? Perhaps issues with women would be more appropriate. According to a an ABC News investigation, Furer was convicted of domestic violence assault in 2008. Sen. Vitter is known as a strong proponent for women's issues and working against drunk driving. He has exercised poor judgment before i.e. his link to the DC Madam. Now another high-profile lapse in judgment. Sen. Vitter might want to worry less about the actions of others like "illegal immigrants," and more about the proven criminals in his inner circle.



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