Hundreds of NJ Students Protest After Cop’s Manhandling of 2 Teenage Girls

WNBC screenshot
WNBC screenshot

A violent confrontation between two high school girls and a cop has caused hundreds of New Jersey students to walk out of school in protest.


After two female classmates were manhandled by a cop, hundreds of students at a New Jersey high school walked out in protest Friday morning. According to WNBC-TV, the students marched from Orange (N.J.) High School to the local police station, holding up signs and chanting, “We want justice!”

The incident, which was captured on video, shows a black police officer, Hanifah Davis, throwing two teenage girls to the ground. WNBC reports that the girls are twin sisters, Nyasia and Kyasia Sorrells, who were grabbing pizza across from Orange High School when they were confronted by Officer Davis.


At one point, video footage shows, the cop grabs one of the girls by the hair. He continues to straddle her, pulling her hand and trying to pin her to the ground, when a school administrator gets involved.

It’s still unclear what caused the confrontation.

Read more at WNBC-TV.

Staff writer, The Root.

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I just looked up and saw this on the news and was like, wtf is happening here? What kind of grown man does that?