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Viola Davis as Annalise Keating in How to Get Away With Murder
Viola Davis as Annalise Keating in How to Get Away With Murder

This week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder took us back to the week before the fateful fire. Annalise’s gang reached new levels of dysfunction, leaving us like, “WTF?!”

1. When Laurel’s Psychopath Ex Threatened to Kill a Kid

When Annalise found out that Frank was back in town, she told Laurel, “You tell that bastard that if he comes anywhere near me, I’ll kill him”—but not before she hired him to discover Charles Mahoney’s alibi for his father’s murder. Frank learned that Charles’ alibi is Lisa Cameron, the same woman who is responsible for Annalise’s miscarriage, and the same woman who gave Frank the suitcase full of cash.


Frank said that he would make it up to Annalise by taking “an eye for an eye,” which was assassin code for “I’ll kill her kid.” And no, he didn’t say it in a Bernie Mac voice. He was as serious as the heart attack you get after eating a Krispy Kreme cheeseburger at the county fair. Annalise said, “No, no more blood,” but Bonnie called him back and whispered, “Do it.”

2. When Wes Leaked His Psych-Ward Records

Lawyers subpoenaed “Puppy-Dog Eyes” Wes at the top of the episode to make him testify in the Mahoney murder trial. Frank needed time to investigate Charles’ alibi, so Wes stalled the case by leaking his medical records (which included the fact that he had been sent to the psych ward) to Mahoney’s defense team. Why? Because doing so would make them want to evaluate Wes to ensure that he was stable enough to testify, which would delay the proceedings. Wes proved that he was willing to do anything to protect himself and Annalise.

A brilliant strategy, but evidence that Wes is now a rising minion in Annalise’s Queendom of Darkness. Once cleared to testify, he falsely accused his half brother of being at the murder scene. Although Wes ain’t a cold-blooded murderer (yet), he sho nuff is a cold-blooded liar intent on sending an innocent man to prison. Like mentor, like mentee.

3. When Connor Cheated With Oliver’s Ex

“And the Most Dysfunctional Couple on TV Award goes to … ” Last week, Oliver and Connor hooked up because Oliver’s new boyfriend wasn’t feeling his positive status. But this week they got into a blowout fight because Connor thought that they were back together, but Oliver was like, “I’m just using you for sex, bro.” Then Oliver accidentally blurted out that Connor was “emotionally damaged.” Connor threw an adult temper tantrum: He destroyed Michaela’s furniture, claimed that he hated Oliver and slept with Thomas, Oliver’s ex.


When Oliver finds out what Connor did … it’s gon’ get snatch-yo-earrings-off crazy.

4. When Nate Helped Bonnie Plant Evidence

Laurel begged Nate (who’s now working for the district attorney) to help Wes, so Nate tipped off Wes’ lawyer that she should look into the phone records between Lisa and Charles Mahoney. The records showed calls from Lisa’s house to Charles in jail, which contradicted Lisa’s testimony that the last time she spoke with Charles was the night of the murder, when they had relations. Lisa ended up looking like a liar on the stand, but it’s only because Bonnie delivered a burner phone to Charles in jail and had Frank call it from Lisa’s house. This move demolished Charles’ alibi. Stunningly clever and absolutely illegal, but that, my friends, is how you get away with murder.


5. When Annalise Ordered Frank to Kill Himself

Frank showed up at Annalise’s house with tears in his eyes. Annalise responded with a stone face. Frank begged for forgiveness. Annalise yelled in disgust: “You watched me suffer all of these years! You watched me think that I killed my boy. You watched Sam and me fall apart!”


Frank begged: “Let me make it up to you. I can take it back.”

Annalise yelled back, “How can you take it back?” Frank held a gun to his chin. Annalise cheered him on: “Do it. Do it for me. Pull the trigger!”


Dang. Did Frank have the guts to kill himself or did Annalise do it for him? Or … is Nate the one under the white sheet? Stay tuned for next’s week reveal.

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