Howard-Morehouse football game (Morehouse College)

In his Atlantic magazine blog, Ta-Nehisi Coates uses his sardonic wit to warn that the bourgie black folk will likely square off during the Morehouse and Howard game today.

Trigger Warning: This post involves black people speaking a high yaller dialect of Ebonics. Proceed at your own risk. 


As all bourgie colored people surely know, Morehouse and Howard square-off on the football field this Saturday. The rivalry among HBCU football teams is a particular breed, and the fact that most respectable blacks live but a couple paychecks from the projects can be quickly evidenced by the threats of weave pulling and wig-splitting which inevitably arise in any discussion over the matter.

In the virtual world this means peons, evidently aware of my celebrated status as a perpetual Howard super-senior sometimes decide to direct a bit of trash-talk at yours truly.

Read Ta-Nehisi Coates' entire blog entry at the Atlantic.

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