Twists and turns. Drama gets deadly as we recap the four big takeaways from the season 2 opener of How to Get Away With Murder.


1. Who Killed Rebecca?

The season 1 finale of How to Get Away With Murder left viewers with an unsolved murder, but the season 2 premiere presented a quick answer, all wrapped up like a dead body in a bloodstained rug. If viewers were expecting the mystery to last an entire season, it didn't happen. The season 2 starter introduced enough new questions to fill one of Annalise Keating’s law books and offered more than a few twists, as only ShondaLand can.


It turns out that always-the-last-to-know Bonnie was the first in on this secret. She blamed Rebecca for Sam’s death and suffocated the life out of the kidnapped bartender. Getting rid of Bonnie, too, would be no great loss, since she seems to be the only character viewers like less than Rebecca. Bye, Felicias. Let’s hope Frank did a better job getting rid of Rebecca’s body than he or the Keating Five have done in the past. Who thinks her body will pop back up before the end of the season?

Now, as the episode title suggests, it’s time to move on to the season 2 drama.

2. Who’s Doing What With Whom Now

Where do things stand now? Michaela is all scrambled over “Eggs 911.” Asher is done with Bonnie. Connor decides to move in with Oliver. Frank, who has cloned all the students’ computers, continues to lie to Annalise about murdering Lila. Wes, the puppy, showed some bark, but not a lot of bite. Oh, and Laurel is still around, trying to mend things with Michaela. Both Frank and Annalise mention Laurel’s father, who was apparently not the perfect dad. Whoever he is, they seemed to blame him when they briefly considered that she might have killed Rebecca.


3. That Kiss

As for Nate, Annalise’s chocolate treat could be on his way to death row, but not if Annalise can help it. (Please save the abs!) She previously slipped him a telephone number, and he used it to conjure up Eve Rothlow, who does decide to represent Nate, but only after a surprising reunion with Annalise. It turns out the two former law-school classmates were more than just casual friends, and there seem to be some unresolved feelings.


Connor and Oliver may have some competition as the show’s No. 1 couple, since Annalise and Eve share a passionate kiss in the first big “OMG” moment of the episode. That’s right. Annalise locked lips with Jean Grey, and based on Twitter reactions, it was the biggest TV twist since Whitley left Byron at the altar, only a lot less expected. In season 1, Annalise admitted to Connor that she could relate to his strategy of using sex to get what he wanted. Did Annalise just manipulate her ex to save her other ex, or does she have feelings for Eve?

4. And the Big Mystery Is …

So, is season 2 all about Nate’s defense? Not quite. There’s a new case for the Keating crew that revolves around the adopted Hapstall twins, an Asian sister and a black brother, who are accused of killing their parents. Before the hour is up, their aunt is murdered, too. Annalise, whose moral compass still needs some adjusting, manipulates her way into representing the duo, but it might come back to haunt her. In the final scene of the episode, viewers find out what the big season 2 mystery is: Who attacked Annalise? The bludgeoned professor lies bleeding in the middle of the floor of the Hapstall home as Wes flees. Is he going to get away with murder … again?

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