Annalise (Viola Davis) and Nate (Billy Brown) in a scene from ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder
ABC/Tony Rivetti

Annalise Keating has come to the rescue of her law students and her clients. She handles what comes her way without disturbing an eyelash. Whether it’s a murdered husband, a lying defendant or a tenacious district attorney, she doesn’t lose her head. She knows how to assess a situation and minimize the damage, leaving as few bodies as possible in her wake. However, in three days, Annalise seemingly loses control and ends up one of those bodies, lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood. Who’s going to come to her rescue?

Philip Joins the Family

After weeks of speculation, Keating and crew may have finally figured out who killed the parents of the adopted Hapstall siblings, and it seems at least one of the two may be guilty. As suspected, Philip, the illegitimate Hapstall cousin, was indeed aware of his biological relationship to the wealthy family, and he had some sort of relationship with Catherine, who attempted to confess and accept a plea deal for the crime. Of course, Annalise was able to save her client from jail time.


Sexual Healing

However, before the connection between Catherine and Philip is revealed, Annalise and her students all feel like celebrating … and they do so in bed. Commence the sex-scene montage featuring Annalise and Nate, Michaela and Caleb, Connor and Oliver, and Laurel and Frank. Anybody have a cigarette?


Where are Asher and Bonnie? Asher’s somewhere with a heat pack strapped to his back after pulling a muscle dancing in excitement. He was the one who realized that Emily Sinclair actually had the office bugged, impressing Annalise. That led to his awkward “victory dance” moment. Sinclair used the bug to try to get info proving the siblings’ guilt. Instead, Annalise played her, a recurring theme that may be motive enough for Sinclair to try to put a bullet in our favorite Middleton University law professor.

Bonnie was apparently still seated on the floor of her shower, trying to wash away the pain she felt after being betrayed and humiliated by Annalise.


Wes, who also was excluded from the sex montage, was home making the connection between Catherine and Philip, thanks to a painting she generously gifted him.

The Suspects

Everyone’s pretty much accounted for and no one seems angry enough to put a bullet in Annalise in three days, although Nate did verbalize his violent thoughts toward his on-again, off-again lover. It seems more likely that one of the Hapstalls may be preparing to shoot Annalise and leave her for dead on the floor of the family mansion.


We know that after the shooting, Nate drops Michaela off at Caleb’s, and Frank leaves Catherine in the woods. Where’s Philip? Is he the one who decides to get back at Annalise for potentially sending him to jail and denying him the family inheritance? Is there anyone unaccounted for? Levi. Last we heard, Rebecca’s foster brother was in jail, thanks to Frank and Annalise. Could he have been released and now be in search of revenge against the woman who locked him up and had Rebecca’s murder covered up?

It’s a good thing Annalise and her minions are all enjoying a much-needed reprieve from lying, conniving and manipulating—even if it’s only for one night—because after she’s gunned down, it might be a while before they have a chance to focus on anything other than either catching a killer or figuring out how to get away with murder.