How I Know for Sure Rachel Dolezal Is Not Black

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You know how I know Rachel Dolezal ain’t black?

Her very black son got buck with her in front of the cameras, and he was still alive to talk to the producers about it afterward, making even more slick comments about his mama as he did it.


And we have not seen a news report that she has been locked up for murder, so I assume the boy is still alive.

She ain’t black.

But I guess she’s not so much trying to prove that she’s black anymore; she’s now making the case for why “transracial” is a thing.

Or something.

(By the way, Google Docs put the red squiggly line of “Uh-uh, honey” under “transracial,” so that lets you know how much of a farce this is.)

Dolezal has managed to extend her 15 minutes once again by participating in a documentary, The Rachel Divide, that will begin streaming on Netflix on April 27.


On Wednesday, Netflix released a clip from the documentary, which will also premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City next month.

Filmmaker Laura Brownson followed Dolezal and her two sons for two years, recording their lives.


In the nearly two-and-a-half-minute clip, we can see that Dolezal is clearly delusional and lacks the self-awareness to realize that what she is doing is causing harm to her oldest son, Franklin—who actually is black.

“I really do not want to focus on this for the rest of my life,” Franklin tells his mother, seemingly referring to the controversy Dolezal has created for herself.


“Do you think I do?” she asks dumbly.

And there is the crux of it. This is a situation that is entirely within Dolezal’s power to stop, but she doesn’t want to. She is apparently getting some kind of charge out of all the attention, despite the fact that it’s negative.


And this is another thing that lets me know Rachel Dolezal is definitely not black: What black woman would willingly have her name all in the media behind some foolishness like being “transracial”?

You know how else I know she’s not black?

She didn’t get paid for this.


Netflix is going to make money off of the doc because even if we are hate-watching it, we are still going to watch it. Which means Netflix makes money.

Did you hear the story about the last black woman Netflix crossed over money? That didn’t end very well.


There’s no way Rachel Dolezal is black, because she wouldn’t let Netflix get paid without getting her piece of the action.

But whatever.

Let’s watch this train wreck as a family. Maybe The Root’s Editor-in-Chief Danielle Belton, Managing Editor Genetta M. Adams or Deputy Managing Editor Yesha Callahan will allow me and fellow staff writer Michael Harriot to watch it together and live-blog it for the culture.


In the meantime, watch the trailer below and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Not to be rude but you can tell she’s not black by the way she’s aging.