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In a blog entry at BlackAmericaWeb, Tonyaa Weathersbee says that Whitney Houston once revealed during an interview with Diane Sawyer that despite her superstar status, she, like most women, especially looked forward to seeing her children grow up, having grandchildren and enjoying the circle of life. Weathersbee laments Houston's inability to achieve that 10-year plan.


A while back, when ABC's Diane Sawyer asked Whitney Houston what she wanted 10 years from now, the pop diva rattled off a list of simple desires.

"Retired … sitting down … seeing my daughter grow up … grandchildren," Houston said, smiling with that perfect, piano-key smile of hers.

No wishes to be in anyone's Hall of Fame. No wishes for another Grammy. She just wanted to be Whitney, the woman.

Hearing that interview saddens me even more about her death.

I guess it's because Houston was a woman blessed with gifts that fill the dreams of everyday women; dreams of being beautiful, talented and adored by millions. Yet, it was that talent — and all the complexities that go along with it — that got in the way of her living to fulfill common dreams that are, for many of us, a given.


And we'll always be left to wonder what might have been.

Read Tonyaa Weathersbee's entire blog entry at BlackAmericaWeb.

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