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Success for Fred via Facebook

It looks as if Fred Barley, the homeless college student who sparked media attention after biking six hours just to register for classes, will be getting the $184,000 donated to him through GoFundMe.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Barley and Casey Blaney, the Barnesville, Ga., mom who started the wildly successful GoFundMe, have come to terms of agreement about how to handle the money following a dispute between the two.


Last week GoFundMe froze the account after Blaney raised questions about Barley's story. It was initially reported that Barley objected to Blaney's plans to put the money in a trust, indicating that he would do so only if he could choose the attorney and the trustee.

Shortly afterward, Blaney announced the inquiry into the homeless teen's story, although it was never made clear what questions were being raised.

After the dispute, Barley went into hiding, having been accused of taking the funds and running, and Blaney went radio-silent under the same accusations, speaking only through her attorney.

However, the 19-year-old student posted to Facebook Monday evening announcing that his attorney and Blaney's attorney had agreed on the establishment of a trust that will cover his living expenses and tuition.


“Mrs. Blaney would like to turn over everything to her lawyer, and does not want anything to do with the trust account any longer,” Barley wrote. “Together, my attorney and her attorney are working cooperatively to ensure that all assets donated go strictly to me and in a trust that I agree with."


"Thank you everyone for your prayers and standing behind me through everything. God makes a way," he added.

According to the AJC, a GoFundMe official confirmed that there had been progress with the case Monday, saying that the funds will be directly transferred to the trust as soon as it was fully established.


“We’re pleased everyone agreed to set up an Educational Trust for Fred," GoFundMe's Bobby Whithorne said in an email to AJC. “As soon as the trust is fully established, the funds will be directly transferred to the trust.”

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