Robert Snyder; Shayla Witts
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police

A Boston couple are facing criminal charges after they allegedly attacked a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority worker while hurling racial slurs, saying that they didn’t “take s—t from n—gers,” WCVB reports.

According to the news station, the 29-year-old victim was trying to escort the intoxicated pair out of a station early Sunday morning at closing time when the man “sucker punched” him, police reports indicate.


Robert Snyder, 45, and Shayla Witts, 28, both homeless, were charged with assault, battery with racial intimidation and disorderly conduct, the Boston Globe reports. Both of them have rap sheets, with Snyder having been convicted of assault a dozen times, and Witts with a pending prostitution charge, the Globe notes.

According to the Globe, the employee’s nose broke when Snyder punched him. Snyder then allegedly grabbed him, rendering him unable to defend himself, and Witts allegedly punched him repeatedly and pulled at his hair.

When police arrived at the scene, there was reportedly a trail of blood approximately 30 feet long, peppered with hair from the victim’s head.


“I punched him a few times,’’ Snyder allegedly told police.

According to police who spoke to WCVB, Witts allegedly threatened the worker, saying that Snyder had “done 17 years in prison and doesn’t take s—t from n—gers.”


Read more at WCVB and the Boston Globe.

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