Historic Black Candidate Runs in Mississippi

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Mississippi's first black major-party candidate since Reconstruction: Hattiesburg, Miss., Mayor Johnny Dupree has become the first black candidate in modern times to win a major party's nomination for the state's governorship. But the Democrat is running a race-neutral campaign. In a video on his website, he says, "I'm here to talk to you about one color: green."  


San Francisco discriminating against white cops? A white male cop, reportedly reassigned in 2005 when his unit's refrigerator was found stocked with booze, claims he was passed over for a promotion in 2007 because of racial bias, SF Weekly reports. A lawsuit filed by officers alleges, "The city has a long-standing custom and practice in discriminating against white males."

Uncle Luke attacks the sports media: In his column in the Miami New Times, Luther Campbell (aka "Uncle Luke"), the former leader of the rap group 2 Live Crew and former Miami-Dade mayoral candidate, says black athletes like Cam Newton, Tiger Woods and LeBron James get heavily criticized, while Eli Manning, John Daly and Brett Favre supposedly get free passes, because "sports news outlets are dominated by white faces."


Video: Michelle Obama's stylist shares secrets: If you like Michelle's look, check out two videos (to be fair, they could also be construed as SoftSheen Carson commercials) in which stylist Johnny Wright breaks down his technique.

In other news: Cherokees Vote: Slave Descendants Expelled.

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