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When policing (and parking) goes wrong: Pittsburgh Steeler and Dancing With the Stars contenstant Hines Ward was pulled from his friend's car and handcuffed Thursday after police suspected him of driving in a stolen car. Turns out the woman he was with had recently reported her car stolen after she couldn't figure out where she parked, and when she found her car, she failed to let police know. Ward might want to rethink who he spends his time with.


The love affair is over: After some compulsory congrats, conservative media are back to doing what they do best — trashing Obama. His latest unforgivable offense? Laying a wreath at Ground Zero! We're with Glenn Beck — that is "disgusting." (Not.)


Robinson out at Gap: There aren't too many black designers in high-profile positions, so we say a fond farewell to Patrick Robinson, who has left his post as creative director for the Gap.

And the NBA Rookie of the Year honor goes to: The Clippers' Blake Griffin. If his impressive season wasn't enough, jumping over a Kia (the official car of the NBA) in the dunk contest sealed it.



It's not too late: Buy your mom a Mother's Day gift, and if you're at a loss for ideas, check these out.

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In other news: Teen Beaten by Police; Feds Won't Prosecute.

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