Crowd gathered on Roosevelt Island in New York City to hear Hillary Clinton June 13, 2015
Hillary Clinton via Twitter

During her biggest campaign event to date in New York City, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday pledged to close the widening gap between the rich and poor in the U.S., the New York Times reports.

Clinton’s speech on New York City’s Roosevelt Island was sweeping in scope and policy driven. She issued a strong rebuke of Republican economic policies while delivering a populist message to take steps to fix the economy, the Times notes.


“These Republicans trip over themselves promising lower taxes for the wealthy and fewer rules for the biggest corporations without any regard on how that will make income inequality worse,” she said before a crowd estimated at 5,500, according to the news outlet.

“I’m not running for some Americans, but for all Americans,” Clinton said. “I’m running for all Americans.”

While telling voters why they should choose her, she turned to her humble background. She said that her late mother, Dorothy Rodham, who was abandoned by her own parents and suffered a difficult girlhood in the ’20s and ’30s, remains a source of strength, according to USA Today. “My mother taught me that everybody needs a chance and a champion,’’ Clinton said. “She knew what it was like not to have either one.’’ Once, Clinton said, "I asked what kept her going. … [It was] something very simple: kindness from someone who believed she mattered.’’

Allison Moore, national press secretary for the Republican National Committee, immediately released a statement condemning Clinton’s speech.Hillary Clinton’s announcement speech was chock full of hypocritical attacks, partisan rhetoric and ideas from the past that have led to a sluggish economy leaving too many Americans behind,” the statement reads. “Next year, Americans will reject the failed policies of the past and elect a Republican president.”

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