Hillary Arrives in Kenya; Does Not Save Any Journalists

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From Al Jazeera:

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, has arrived in Kenya as part of an African tour to push her government's commitment to tackling the continent's trouble spots.


The seven-nation trip comes three weeks after Barack Obama, the US president, visited Ghana in an effort to bolster ties with the nation.

Clinton kicked off her 11-day tour from Kenya, which is struggling to overcome political and tribal divisions exposed in post-election violence in early 2008.


She is due to address an African trade and development forum comprising 40 states and meet top Kenyan officials in talks beginning on Wednesday.

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*Overheard in the Clinton residence at dinner*

H: So what'd you do today?

B: You know…Used my juice as a former president to save some imprisoned journalists from North Korea. You?

H: Went to Kenya. Trying to help out a continent of people in trouble. Africa's important and they really need our help, you know?

B: Yeah, somebody texted me about that. I was busy doing a press conference about saving those women from twelve years in prison camp. Sometimes, as a former president, you have to lend a hand, you know?


*Hillary gets up from the dinner table. Dishes can be heard smashing in the next room*

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