Yeatise Gaines

A Michigan high school gave a terminally ill student her final wish.

According to Fox 17, Kalamazoo Central High School senior Yeatise Gaines battled bone and muscle cancer for years. Recently, her health took a turn for the worse as the radiation and other treatments took a toll on her body and caused her lungs to fail.


Teachers said that Yeatise remained focused and cheerful despite her health struggles.

One of Yeatise’s dreams was to graduate from high school. Once school administrators got the call that Yeatise was back in the hospital, they organized a small graduation ceremony. Principal Valerie Boggan told Fox 17 that school staff took a cap, gown and certificate of completion to Yeatise’s hospital room.

The impromptu graduation ceremony took place one day before Yeatise died.

“It meant the world to her. Even if it wasn’t the normal, it was still really important to her,” Yeatise’s sister Ava told Fox 17.

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