Hey, Paris Dennard, Woofing Only Works on the Basketball Court Against Nonblacks

MSNBC screenshot
MSNBC screenshot

Thank God for the stereotype of the violent black man, not because it’s accurate or because it’s deserved, but because there are people who believe that all black men are violent. As a result, those of us who can’t fight can rest, or coast, on the laurels of those of us who can.


My dad calls this “woofing.”

Woofing is the prefight ritual that lets your opponent know that you are serious about beating the brakes off them. I once saw the best example of this in a bar where a friend of mine had been asked to step outside. My friend informed the guy that he was an ex-Marine and that he didn’t know how to fight but had been trained to kill, and that if they walked outside, he was going to try to kill him. Even I, who had nothing to do with any of this, was shook. Needless to say, the guy left and no fight happened.

All black men know how to woof, and all of us, even the Republican us, have used it effectively to avoid potential fisticuffs.

So there was only one problem with the black Trump supporter Paris Dennard’s epic meltdown on CNN: You cannot woof to another black man, because we know what you are doing; we’ve seen it before. It’s ineffective and we’re immune to it. Watch Dennard go full woof mode when Democratic strategist Keith Boykin noted that “ … the reality is that President Trump has not done enough, and I’m ashamed that you, as an African American, Paris, will not say that.”

After Dennard started pitching his black credentials; he started woofing, and Boykin didn’t want to hear that shit, any of it. Because Boykin knows what we all know: that Dennard ain’t crushing a grape in a fruit fight. Dennard kept yelling and strong-talking, and in the end, Boykin pulled out the Cam’ron defense:


And it worked to perfection. Watch the intense exchange below and learn from Dennard’s mistake:



Dennard was on later that night when Anderson Cooper had Cornel West and Dennard paired together for a panel. West literally said “Cmon bruh” to Dennard.

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