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Former Republican presidential contender Herman Cain appeared on The View on Monday to talk about various topics, including Rick Santorum's controversial "black people" comment last week.

Cain, who is on a media blitz promoting his "999 Revolution Solution," defended Santorum's mission to end America's entitlement society, while at the same time criticizing him for "putting his foot in his mouth" and saying Santorum shouldn't have mentioned black people. (Santorum went on CNN last week and told host John King that he meant to say "blah people" and not "black people.")


The View's hosts also pressed the former pizza magnate on which presidential candidate he would endorse. "I'm going to make an unconventional endorsement. The media won't like what I do on the 19th of this month," said Cain.

Just when you thought Cain was gone, he pops right back up. If there was one shocker in this whole interview, it was Cain actually half criticizing Santorum for his comment. While we will stop short of saying he defended black people, he did criticize another GOP candidate for a derogatory comment involving the African-American community.

And while many wonder who Cain will endorse on the 19th, we wouldn't be surprised if he jumped back in the race if he sees the field as a free-for-all.

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