Herman Cain Drops a Gospel Album

Herman Cain (Getty Images)

If you don't like Herman Cain's politics, his singing voice might do it for you. The Republican presidential candidate's gospel album, Sunday Morning, became available online today.

Slate's David Weigel reports, "It's real, it was published 15 years ago by GLC Music, Selah Sound Production & Melodic Praise Records, and it is not being distributed now by the Cain campaign."


According to Cain spokeswoman Ellen Carmichael on Twitter, his staff "may or may not be 'testifying' in the office right now, listening to boss's music."

Meanwhile, a non-Cain staffer in The Root's timeline says the politician "sings like someone's uncle at early 7 a.m. service."

But you be the judge: Listen to the complete album at Talking Points Memo and let us know what you think.

Read more at Slate and Talking Points Memo.

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