Here's Why Trump Sent That Nonsensical Tweet About the Moon Being 'a Part' of Mars

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The president is a goddamn idiot.

If the president were in a Jeopardy match between a nonverbal slug and a piece of lint and the president only had to get one question correct the entire game and, if he lost, the world would end, I would say start shooting your shots with all those unattainable crushes because we ’bout to die.

But, despite the fact that the president just randomly started tweeting about the moon and Mars and claimed that Mars and the moon are in a full relationship, what’s more telling is how we got here.

Apparently, one Twitter user noted that all of this shit, as with most of the shit that comes flooding out of the White House, came from Fox News.


Yes, Fox Business was talking about Trump’s plans to go to the moon by 2024, which prompted Trump to tweet this.

Can someone get NASA on the phone because this sounds like some bullshit? I don’t think NASA said anything. I can’t even begin to try and explain how Earth has its own moon and Mars...fuck it. I can’t. I just know that Trump started all of this...


In fact, it was Trump who just a month ago tweeted:


And he meant that. Look at that capitalization of “Space” and that all-caps on “BIG WAY!”

If you’re confused, don’t worry; we are, too. But the most important takeaway from all of this is this tweet, which pretty much sums up all things Trump, especially those space-related.


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Pathological liar.






I await the day when my first morning WaPo news alert has a pic of him in an orange jumpsuit doing a perp walk....