He Deserved It?

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I've probably read and written enough about people's domestic foibles lately to last me a while. But Mary Mitchell wrote that she’s glad that Eni Skoien got a few licks in on her husband when allegedly she came home to find him hugged up on two hookers in the kid’s playroom, and it just sounds batty, like advice from Gator and Vivian's Manual on Conflict Resolution.

Mitchell must be a fan of “Cheaters,” the cable show that looks to catch your partner “in the act.” I’m always amazed at the way the men who catch thier women keep their composure, but the women start walloping right out the gate. I’m not buying Mitchell’s New Age—y, metaphysical “self-defense” argument that wifey was somehow protecting her dignity—- walking away is dignified too. Jokes aside, we ought not be giving out passes for domestic violence. To anyone. I’m sure everybody that wacks on their partner thinks they have a good reason.


According to reports, it’s not like she caught her husband in the act —- and even if she did, she had no right to hit him. I don’t get down with dudes who pay for sex, but bravo to Gary Skoien for calling the police on his wife and getting her tossed in the pokey. Shame on Mitchell for co-signing domestic violence.

If I have it wrong, someone school me: Is it ever OK for a woman to hit a man?

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