HBO's The Day Sports Stood Still Has All the Ingredients for Must-See TV

I think we can all recall the exact moment when the coronavirus disrupted our day-to-day lives. And for many of us, that confusion, dread and uncertainty has lingered in the 12 months (and counting) since. Gone are mainstays like concerts or family nights at the movies, and they’ve been replaced by outdoor-only dining as bustling cities like Los Angeles have transformed into deserted ghost towns.


Aside from entertainment, one of the biggest industries to take a colossal hit during this time has been sports. With billions in lost revenue, this pandemic has created a seismic shift in not only how sports are played—we now live in a world in which customary post-game handshakes and jersey swaps are strictly prohibited—but how they’re presented to fans. And looking to explore all of this is HBO’s upcoming documentary The Day Sports Stood Still, which chronicles the unprecedented sports shutdown in March of 2020 and its eventual return amid a climate fraught with social and political unrest.

Helmed by Emmy Award-winning director Antoine Fuqua, this film features contributions from familiar names like NBA stars Donovan Mitchell, Karl-Anthony Towns and Danilo Gallinari, as well as Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Other athletes providing candid interviews include MLB slugger Mookie Betts, LPGA golfer Michelle Wie West and Olympians Daryl Homer and Laurie Hernandez.

But at the center of this film is future Basketball Hall of Famer Chris Paul, who relives his journey from being in the middle of the first game to be stopped on March 11, 2020, against the Utah Jazz, to being thrust into quarantine, to his crucial role in helping to re-open the league safely and playing in the NBA bubble.

All in all, this doc sounds dope as shit and is set to premiere March 24 on HBO. It will also be available to stream on HBO Max.

Plus look at this pretty poster:

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Now check out the trailer. You’re welcome in advance.

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HBO does these better than anyone. This should be compelling & downright riveting. Chris Paul will be in office one day.