Have You Been Singing the Wrong Lyrics to Your Favorite T-Pain Song?

MTV/TRL/Getty Images
MTV/TRL/Getty Images

We all have that one song or two that we have been singing loudly and proudly for some time, all while having the lyrics completely wrong. It’s usually not intentional; it’s more about what we understand the artist to have said over the music.


T-Pain songs are no exception. His brilliant Auto-Tune skills (the boy can sing, so I will never understand the use of Auto-Tune, but I digress), coupled with the banging beats, have us all singing along every time he comes on.

Late Tuesday night, the 32-year-old artist—whose real name is Faheem Rasheed Najm—tweeted that folks have been singing the chorus to his 2007 hit song “Buy U a Drank” incorrectly.

“It’s ‘and then’ not ‘ooh wee’ but really it’s whatever you want it to be just enjoy the song however you hear it. I just appreciate you listening,” the Tallahassee, Fla., rapper tweeted.

Mind. Blown.

I saw the tweet in real time, and I was like, “What?” but then I sang it aloud and realized that it made sense.


(High key, it also makes it sound borderline rapey, but I digress.)

As we let that settle into our lives, T-Pain followed up on Wednesday by telling us that we also had the lyrics to “All I Do Is Win”—his 2010 collaboration with DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg—wrong as well.


“I don’t want to throw another wrench in your childhood but also it’s ‘Everybody hands go UP……...and they stay there…….AND THEY SAY YEAH’ sorry,” he wrote. He added that he’s from Tallahassee and “That’s just how some of us talk.”


Most people thought the lyric “and they stay there” was repeated twice. Alas, it is not.

So next time you’re singing T-Pain, make sure you say what he said.

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My world is crumbling. I dont believe it. He’s wrong about Buy u a drank. It is ooh wee. Yall are just gutting me. Between this and the MJ album debate, Im fucked up.