Handwritten Note Proves Trump Is a Dotard as He 'Intentially' Sought to Bash Democrats' 'Achomlishments'

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The president of the United States doesn’t just act like a third grader, he spells like one who has refused to go to school and instead sits in his room and makes deals with Russians while touting himself as the biggest billionaire the world has ever seen.


After Trump’s planned walkout of a scheduled meeting with Democratic leaders on Wednesday, (because he’s a stunt dummy who lives for drama), Trump walked out to the Rose Garden where a podium and placard just happened to be waiting for him to deliver what was supposed to be an impromptu press conference that was totally not planned.

A sneaky photographer, who was clearly doing the Lord’s work, happened to catch a photo of Trump’s handwritten notes and it found that Trump is not spelling on grade level—any grade level.

According to USA Today, Trump reportedly wrote out notes for himself to mention during his totally unplanned press conference, and well, the president of the United States is a goddamn idiot and we all bout to die!

Here are the lines that USA Today was able to decipher from President Foghorn J. Leghorn’s chicken scratch

  • A reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) saying “the president of the U.S. is engaged in a cover-up.” Beside that were the words “most transparent,” with transparent underlined.
  • “They want to impeach over acts that they did.”
  • “Dems have no achomlishments (sic).”
  • “I’m going to keep working for the American people.”
  • “Intentially (sic) had a meeting before.”

As with most of the president’s embarrassments, Twitter users had a field day.


It’s all fun and games until we all are dead, as this is the man that has the code to nuclear weapons.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


Anybody who has had an elderly relative with dementia pass away has likely found notes like these in their residence after they were gone. My grandmother had grievance notes like this all over her house, and I’ve spoken with many other people who have reported the same kinds of notes with their loved ones also.

There is a reason he always looks so surprised at literally everything.