Halloween, but Make It Igor: Tyler, The Creator Gets Into the Costume Game

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It’s no secret that Tyler, The Creator likes to play dress-up; after all, the musician is also a designer, as evidenced by his subversively preppy GOLF label. And earlier this year, Tyler took it to the next level with the introduction of alter ego Igor, the platinum-bobbed crooner he debuted in May’s “Earfquake” video.

Since then, the profile of Igor—also the title of Tyler’s fifth studio album—has been rising. In September, he appeared on the cover of British magazine The Face, where Tyler played coy about the origins of the Warhol-esque character.


“What about the title Igor?” his interviewer asked. “Is it a trenchant commentary on personal alienation or perhaps an allusion to Frankenstein’s monster? LOL.”

“No, I don’t feel like a monster,” Tyler responded, reportedly rolling his eyes. ​“Everyone on Reddit and the message boards with their theories…it’s fucking weird! You be yourself, do your fucking thing, but no, it’s nothing at all. [Igor] is just a sick word.”

Well, in lieu of being yourself, now you can be Igor, too. Via his Golf Wang website, Tyler is now offering Igor costumes—in three variations, because of course, you want your costume to have costume changes...Halloween can be a long and messy night.

What do you get? Well, for $200, a suit that you’ll hopefully repurpose for a gallery opening, rave or artsy summer wedding. Add to that $3o for the wig, and you’ve got an of-the-moment pop-cultural icon (at least, if you’re a Tyler fan).


What’s not included? Igor’s sunglasses and silver shoes are conspicuously absent, as are any costume options for recreating his “Earfquake” video co-star, Pearl Edwards, played by Tracee Ellis Ross (seriously, where’s that wig?). But, bonus points if you manage to figure that one out—we really think Pearl completes the look.

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