Haiti is getting shortchanged on aid. Six months after a 7.0-earthquake devastated Haiti, aid is slowly trickling in, with only a fraction of it having reached Haiti. There were pledges of billions of dollars in supplies, medical equipment and personnel for the rebuilding and recovery of the country — even a George Clooney-produced telethon, yielding millions in personal donations. CNN reports that since a U.N. donors conference in March, when dozens of countries pledged more than $5.3 billion to help Haiti, only $534 million has been delivered. That's less than 2 percent from the U.N. affiliation of countries, and that money came from Brazil, Norway, Estonia and Australia. The $1.15 billion promised from the United States never made it because it's still stuck in Congress. Some countries are blaming the economic turndown. We're blaming a status quo approach about the value of Haiti and its people.

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