Sketch of the suspect wanted in the shooting of five people in the Houston area 
Click2Houston Screenshot

Police are searching for a gunman who they believe is responsible for five random shootings in the Houston area, WND reports.

“Based on the information we do have, it’s very likely these five cases are related,” Houston Police Sgt. Tommy Ruland said at a news conference, according to the site.


According to reports, all five incidents started out the same way: with the suspect, in a dark SUV, pulling up to a pedestrian and opening fire without warning or making any demand.

One victim managed to escape Feb. 17 when the gunman got out of the vehicle and pulled the trigger, only to have the gun jam.

A half-hour later, 34-year-old Pak Ho became the first fatality, shot dead in a residential area about 7 miles from where the first victim encountered the armed assailant. According to WND, the Yale graduate was attacked while waiting for a city bus.


Three hours later, Savalas Holmes was shot near the thigh.

“A thousand things were going through my head. Am I losing too much blood? Am I going to collapse here?” he said, according to the news site.

Hours later the assailant attacked again, this time shooting a 50-year-old man 15 miles away.


On Feb. 23, yet another person was injured after being shot in the arm and stomach in Missouri City, just southwest of Houston.

“We’re looking for a black male, light skin, possible mixed race, stocky build, early 30s,” Ruland said. The SUV the suspect was driving is believed to be a 1999-2006 Jeep Cherokee.

“I would not walk alone if it were me,” Ruland said. “I would walk in groups. Be aware of your surroundings.”

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