Guess Where the 1st Trump Re-Election Fundraiser Is Being Held?

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Because President Vladimir TrumPutin is running the country to better the Trump family, his first re-election fundraiser will be held at .... wait for it ... Trump International Hotel. You know—the hotel that was built moments before Russian hackers gave him the election.

Campaign director Michael Glassner told the Associated Press that the hotel makes for a convenient location to host the June 28 major-donor event. Doesn’t hurt matters that donors can see the White House from the hotel.


I know it seems like there would be a huge conflict of interest, but not to the Trump administration. It doesn’t care about your “stinkin’ ethics” (Al Pacino in Scarface voice).

Trump has not cut financial ties with his global business empire because in order to be an evil dictator, you have to have resources, and what better than a global business empire?

“Ethics experts say his continued appearances at his own for-profit properties double as a form of advertising that inappropriately enriches him. An Associated Press tally finds that he’s visited such locations 37 times as president,” the newswire reports.

Read more at the Associated Press.

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