GTFOH Trump Watch: The Old Man From Queens Rambles for 46 Minutes

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President Trump either truly believes that this election was stolen from him or he’s ridiculously committed to keeping up with this lie, but either way, it is exhausting. The president of people who believe the election was stolen from him just won’t stop making this claim that there was massive voter fraud and he’s the true winner of the election. He will continue to make this bogus claim as he is dragged from the White House. He will make this claim over the next four years of Joe Biden’s presidency and he recently made this claim in a 46-minute video filled with lies and more lies, including the baseless allegation that the nation’s election system was “under coordinated assault and siege” according to the Washington Post because I don’t have 46 minutes of my life to waste watching this foolishness.


From the Post:

Standing behind the presidential lectern in the Diplomatic Reception Room and flanked by the flags of his office and of the country whose Constitution he swore an oath to uphold, Trump tried to leverage the power of the presidency to subvert the vote and overturn the election results.

The rambling and bellicose monologue — which Trump said “may be the most important speech I’ve ever made” and was delivered direct-to-camera with no audience — underscored his desperation to reverse the outcome of his election loss after a month of failed legal challenges and as some key states already have certified Biden’s victory.

The president’s latest salvo came a day after his attorney general, William P. Barr, said the Justice Department had found no evidence of voting fraud that could have changed the outcome of the election.

And that is what this is really about. From the time that Bill Barr became the attorney general, he’s been in Trump’s corner. He’s used taxpayers’ money to investigate bullshit conspiracy theories lauded by Trump and used his power to do Trump’s bidding. So it came as a huge blow to the president for his No. 1 goon to turn his back on him and tell the truth. There was no massive voter fraud and Barr saying this crushed the president’s dreams of staying in office and in turn, America got this 46-minute ramblethon of bullshit.

I keep waiting for some adult in the White House to come get this old man off the field because the game is over and everyone just keeps watching him make a fool of himself. It’s getting sad at this point, but I mean what else would you expect from one of the most shameless and embarrassing administrations to ever do it.

Bill Barr Said Fuck All Y’all

So this probably goes without saying, but of course President Trump wants to fire Attorney General Bill Barr for not pushing his lie of massive voter fraud to the people, and you know who doesn’t give a fuck? Bill Barr.


Barr’s life is already been relegated to a senior correspondent spot on Fox News and a gang of speaking engagements on the “Nazi haircuts and young khakis” circuit. Barr gains nothing backing a losing horse and he knows that.

Trump has reportedly been kicking around the idea of firing Barr whose tenure comes to a close as soon as Biden takes office. The hard lesson that Trump learned in Barr coming out and noting that “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election” is that people will lie for you when you’re winning, but if you think they are going to back a loser then you are sadly mistaken.


So wanting to fire someone when all y’all got to get out the house in less than 50 days doesn’t really have the same ring to it as if you were looking at another four years in office. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barr gets to rehabbing his image early and quits, claiming that he had a call to conscience and could no longer work for such a divisive administration.

For the record, fuck all of them.

If It’s a Lie, Then We Fight on That Lie

Trump fanatics believe they are at war. The funny thing is they’ve always believed that they are at war. They’ve been at war with Black people, the LGBTQIA community, masks, the government, a pizza place in Washington, D.C., people of color, Nike, soap and washcloths. At this point, they are merely looking for a fight. And while it’s easy for the rest of us to just ignore them as the sycophants they are, the fight has gotten real for election workers who claim they are being targeted as some have even had their lives threatened.


It’s gotten so bad that Gabriel Sterling, “a top Republican election official in Georgia who on Tuesday urged Trump and other GOP politicians to tamp down their baseless claims of widespread fraud,” the Washington Post reports.

Sterling blamed the president for “inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence” and pointed out that a “20-year-old contractor for Dominion Voting Systems has been besieged with online attacks after QAnon supporters falsely claimed a video showed him manipulating voting data when he was in fact simply using a computer and thumb drive,” the Post reports.


It’s all a lie and the president knows this and he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about the people he puts at risk, he doesn’t care about the people he hurts in the processthis is about protecting his fragile ego.

So the Trump fanatics go to war on a lie and I imagine that conversation looks something like this:

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.



In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barr gets to rehabbing his image early and quits, claiming that he had a call to conscience and could no longer work for such a divisive administration.

There is no rehabbing Bill Barr’s image. The very idea is laughable.