We’ve not checked in on the Trump offspring in a minute, so maybe I can see what the powerful brood is up to.


Eric is still sleeping in his day coffin.

Donald Jr. is face deep in a mound of white powder that surely is not cocaine.

Tiffany is posting Republican thirst traps (which are basically fully clothed photos near very expensive drapes) And it totally worked on Matt Gaetz, who tweeted some creepy-ass emojis at her.


Does Nestor know what his “father” is out here doing?

Oh, and it looks like because Ivanka and Jared can’t follow COVID-19 safety protocols, their children have been removed from their school and placed in another learning environment.


According to Business Insider, parents grew tired of the powerless couple not wearing masks and complained. I guess the opposite of Meghan and Harry decided that they’ve had enough and instead of just wearing fucking masks, they moved their children to another school. Kushner and Trump are reportedly Satan’s pick for homecoming couple.