GTFOH Trump Watch: It’s the Remix to Impeachment

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After four years of tucking their ovaries away, it looks like some Republicans have finally grown a pair and are actually going to fight back. I know. I know. But you have to admit that the few Republicans that are on board with Trump’s impeachment are looking a little less like wet washcloths. (For my white readers, a washcloth is a square piece of fabric that is used during showering so that you aren’t putting the whole bar of soap in your ass.)


And you know who is making the most noise? The human turtle himself, Senate Majority Leader (for now) Mitch McConnell. I don’t know if McConnell put his spine in his neck pouch but either way, he’s found it and has finally, on the last days of Trump’s presidency, decided that he doesn’t like the way that Trumpism has ruined Republicanism, and so now he sees a chance to crush Trump.

And he’s right. This second impeachment isn’t just for showit actually has some major impact on Trump’s ability to ruin the country any further.

The House will vote to impeach Trump on Wednesday. But it’s the two-thirds Republican-controlled Senate that actually is going to have to decide once and for all where they stand. And despite the viral Facebook post that claimed Trump would lose all of the presidential perks should he be impeached, if impeachment: the remix, happens it could disqualify the president from ever running again.

Procedurally, they have the articles of impeachment, the Senate would convict and then after they convict, someone would make a motion to also disqualify and then they would take up that,” Brian Kalt, author of Unable, The Law, Politics, and Limits of Section 4 of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment said.

So now we wait to see if Republicans are finally going to stand up to the bully and crane kick his ass out of the White House. Well, technically Trump could be out of office by the time this impeachment foolishness is all sorted out, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to use some Karate Kid imagery.

This, and the fall of the democracy from people who still dress up to reenact wars that they lost, will be all the news for now until forever, so I guess we just have to wait and see what McConnell has stored in his neck pouch and if it’s enough to actually pull this off.

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Babylon System

The same Republican babies who support Trump and remained silent are now complaining about (and refusing) to walk through a metal detector at the Capitol????

What’s wrong with these people? What are they hiding?

The worst part is the Capitol Police are allowing them to have their way.