Government Is Making Unemployment Crisis Worse

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Colorlines is reporting that the government is making joblessness worse. The article blames lawmakers for failing to create jobs because of what equates to public relations concerns about "controlling debt." Kai Wright writes, "According to the Labor Department, we lost another 95,000 jobs in September. Private sector jobs actually went up, if only slightly. But that slow improvement was overwhelmed by the fact that the public sector is shedding tens of thousands of jobs as Congress refuses to act. Last month, struggling state and local governments alone cut 83,000 jobs — a shocking 58,000 of them in education." Instead of stimulating employment, which economists have stated is the only way to get out of this dire jobs crisis, "GOP obstruction and Democratic timidity" reigns supreme. Wright calls out members on both sides of the aisle for a failure to act. We agree.


Read more at Colorlines.

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