Gov. Cuomo Comes for the New York Times, Drops N-Word While Defending Italian-Americans

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo marches in the 75th annual Columbus Day Parade in Midtown Manhattan on Oct. 14, 2019, in New York City.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo marches in the 75th annual Columbus Day Parade in Midtown Manhattan on Oct. 14, 2019, in New York City.
Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

In the latest installment of white people whitepeopling, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said a very stupid thing.


Less than 24 hours after riding for Italian-Americans by announcing his intention to erect a statue honoring Mother Cabrini, the patron saint of immigrants and the first naturalized American citizen to be canonized—all while undermining New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio yet again in the process—the 56-year-old hit the airwaves on Tuesday to address the discrimination that befalls Italian-Americans.

Remember in August when his little brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, went ape shit after somebody called him “Fredo” and he likened it to being called a nigger?

Well, being dead-ass wrong must be a dominant trait in the bloodline because big bro pulled a similar stunt early Tuesday morning live on the radio.

From the New York Daily News:

Pivoting away from a question about the state’s delayed Medicaid payments, Cuomo cited the Grey Lady’s use of the derogatory term and steered the conversation toward anti-Italian sentiments.

“The Times also said in an article the other day, apropos of nothing, they were talking about it,” the governor told WAMC host Alan Chartock. “Going back to the Italian-Americans because now you have me. They used an expression that southern Italians were called quote-unquote, and pardon my language, but I’m just quoting The Times, nigger wops. N-word wops as a derogatory comment.”


After the bewilderment subsides, you’re more than welcome to hear it for yourself here:


Now, was he quoting somebody else? Sure. But was it necessary for him to do so in order to make his point? That depends on what his point was—which many have taken to Twitter to call into question.


“He said it in the context of trying to yell at the New York Times for being unfair to him, referencing a term they used,” Emma Vigeland, a correspondent and producer for The Young Turks, tweeted. “So the motivation behind the using of the word wasn’t even defensible. It was just self-serving, which is par for the course with Andrew Cuomo.”


“[A]nd andrew cuomo?! out here saying the n word with the hard r?!” user @dianelyssa tweeted. “y’all have well and truly lost your minds today, oh my god.”

Reps for the governor have yet to comment publicly in response to his gaffe, but one thing’s for sure: his nemesis de Blasio is somewhere thoroughly amused by this unfortunate turn of events.

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Brown Rose

Italians are white. They face absolutely no discrimination today by any conceivable measure. In fact they are highly romanticized.

They are also very racist and extraordinarily anti black that they have a specific and demeaning racial slur specifically for black people.