GOP, You Need More Female Voices

Ann Coulter (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Ann Coulter (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

While some Republicans may feel as if author and pundit Ann Coulter does a good job representing their values, Daily News columnist Stanley Crouch thinks she's not qualified — particularly when it comes to debate with Democrats and other pundits. In fact, he charges that the GOP has no viable women groomed to do intellectual battle in the public arena.

Today, one can be quite delighted by what female commentators like Joy-Ann Reid and Karen Finney bring to cable news, particularly since their forefathers were slaves.

But on the other side, where being white is all right, it would be good to have some Republican women who could do serious intellectual battle with Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow and Krystal Ball. Only Ann Coulter would come out for that fight, but she is too much of a lightweight to do anything more than banter with Sean Hannity, a fellow fount of factoids.

Across all segments of society, women seem to be succeeding — from Marissa Mayer's ascension to head Yahoo! to the election of five more women to the U.S. Senate, bringing that number to the highest ever in that chamber — 20. If there really was an intended war on women, then it's pretty darn clear who is winning.

The question is when, finally, Republicans will get the message.

Read Stanley Crouch's entire piece at the Daily News.

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