Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) suggests that impeachment is in order. (Google)

News One is reporting that Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), the man who famously snubbed the Congressional Black Caucus after his election, is now suggesting that President Obama should be impeached if he raises the debt ceiling. News One reports that Scott said, "This president is looking to usurp congressional oversight to find a way to get it done without us. My position is that is an impeachable act from my perspective." Scott offered his insight at a meeting sponsored by the Tea Party group LowCountry 9.12 Project on Tuesday.

Impeachment for the president? Why not removal of the Republicans who lobbied for and insisted on the tax cut for the wealthy while holding the nation hostage, which resulted in needing the debt ceiling raised? In the words of my great-grandmother, Scott has a whole lot of nerve — standards for the president, but none for himself or his party.


While race is clearly not a factor for Scott in his world, it is a factor in the real one. Constantly denigrating President Obama while requiring nothing of his empowered white colleagues in office is weak at best. Clearly, black-on-black crime is not only happening in the hood.

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