Rep. Jason Spencer, R - Woodbine, yawns as proceedings continue into the night in the House chamber on the final day of the legislative session Thursday, April 14, 2011 in Atlanta.
Photo: David Goldman (AP Images)

Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer has been trash.

During a push to end Confederate legacy statues that permeate the South as iconic images of the lost bastion of racist, white supremacy of yore, Spencer told LaDawn Blackett Jones, a former colleague of his in the Georgia Legislature, that if “North Georgia” Democrats like Jones kept complaining about statues, they might “go missing” in the swamp.


So it wasn’t shocking when Spencer literally showed his whole ass on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? on Sunday, oh, and for good measure, shouted the n-word and made fun of Chinese people.


Here’s how Huffington Post explains the catastrophic mess of white entitlement’s behavior.

Baron Cohen, “disguised” as Israeli terrorism expert Col. Erran Morad, convinced Spencer to participate in an anti-terrorism training video meant for elected officials to learn how to protect themselves from terrorists.

“All you damn sand-niggers over in the Middle East, we are tired of you coming to America and we are tired of you trying to threaten us,” Spencer says in a post-credits video titled, “A Message to Terrorists from Rep. Jason Spencer.”

In addition to brandishing a knife, Spencer continues his rampage: “We will cut off your dick, you understand? We will take your dick and we will shove it in your mouth. How are you going to rape children and women without a dick?”


Spencer is currently serving his fourth term in the Georgia house.

Here he is showing his full unseasoned ass on television:


And here he is doing an extremely racist impression of a Chinese tourist:


And here he is shouting “nigger”:


Whose fault is all of this? Well, certainly not Spencer’s. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he was duped into being a racist pool of dog vomit, and that Cohen played into his fears that he and his family would be attacked after his push to ban Muslim women from wearing burqas in public.

“In posing as an Israeli agent, (Cohen) pretended to offer self-defense exercises. As uncomfortable as I was to participate, I agreed to, understanding that these ‘techniques’ were meant to help me and others fend off what I believed was an inevitable attack.


“My fears were so heightened at that time, I was not thinking clearly nor could I appreciate what I was agreeing to when I participated in his ‘class.’ I was told I would be filmed as a ‘demonstration video’ to teach others the same skills in Israel. Sacha and his crew further lied to me, stating that I would be able to review and have final approval over any footage used.

“I deeply regret the language I used at (Cohen’s) request as well as my participation in the ‘class’ in general. If I had not been so distracted by my fears, I never would have agreed to participate in the first place.


“I apologize to my family, friends, and the people of my district for this ridiculously ugly episode,” Spencer said.

CNN notes that “Georgia House Speaker David Ralston is calling for the resignation of a state lawmaker” mostly because he’s trash. While several people destroyed Spencer on social media, I think the tweet below truly sums up Black America’s position on this steaming pile of unseasoned white supremacy.


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