Golden State Warriors Honor 'Oakland's Own' Madam Vice President With Signed Jersey, Video Presentation

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Screenshot: Golden State Warriors

In case you somehow missed the memo, on Wednesday, Kamala Harris became the first Black woman in the history of ever to be sworn in as vice president.


It was kind of a big deal.

There were marching bands and stray J. Lo vocals and even Jordan 1 Diors. You should’ve been there.

And while the inauguration itself served as cause for celebration, the Golden State Warriors wanted to personally ensure that our new vice president felt the love from her beloved hometown of Oakland.

From her humble beginnings as a deputy district attorney in Alameda County to evolving into a popular California senator to now sprinkling her Black Girl Magic throughout the White House, Madam VP has always put on for The Town.

So to honor her historic achievement, the Warriors presented Harris with a signed No. 49 jersey—to denote her status as the 49th vice president—and included the presentation in a video that features both Steph Curry and a young Oakland native named Stella who believes she can do anything thanks to Harris serving as an inspiration.

“Madam Vice President,” Curry says in the video, holding up the jersey. “I’m not saying you have to put this up in your office in the White House, but it’d probably be a good idea. Congratulations on blazing your own path. We’re all rooting for you and supporting you the whole way.”


“I will proudly, proudly display this,” a delighted Harris replies in the video. “You always bring such joy and pride to me as a daughter of Oakland. This is really so very special, so thank you all, and I hope to see you soon. Go Warriors!”

The Warriors showed the video at halftime on Wednesday during their game against the Spurs. And after they secured the win, coach Steve Kerr took a moment to express his pride in Harris making history.


“It’s a great day,” Kerr said. “It’s one of the reasons we’re wearing our [Oakland Forever] jerseys tonight. We’re taking great pride in the fact that Kamala Harris is from Oakland and was inaugurated today as vice president. Just a huge day, obviously, in our nation’s history and for the Bay Area as well. So it’s great to be able to honor her and her big day by wearing this uniform.”

Check out the Warriors’ video below.

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