Goddamnit, Joe. Not Like This: Biden Campaign Launches Battle Rap Ad

DNA and Charlie Clips
DNA and Charlie Clips
Image: Youtube

I hate when old people do this.

You know the thing where they try to show that they are hip and not old and they wade into the hip waters and start throwing “jiggy” into their normal conversations except they pause right after they use the word for acknowledgment that they are in fact “cool.”


It’s secondhand embarrassing AF. It’s cringey. It’s totally a fanny pack worn because it’s convenient when traveling only learning that young people are doing it, too. It’s orthopedic shoes for comfort that just so happen to look like those big ass Balenciagas.

I like things to be what they are as I like my oatmeal and women thick and my old people, old.

So there are words that should never go together like, “social influencer Osama Bin Laden” and “Joe Biden’s campaign launches a battle rap ad.”

Goddamnit, Joe. There is a basement in your home for a reason: Go sit in it and eat your dinner off the TV tray in front of you around the time that Judge Judy comes on and let Kamala handle this. Because I assure you a few things: Yes, Kamala claims that Tupac is her favorite living rapper, but she didn’t sign off on this.

According to a magazine named after President Trump’s adult diaper size, XXL:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate for vice president, Senator Kamala Harris, have joined forces with the Ultimate Rap League (URL) to emphasize the importance of voting on Nov. 3 in a unique and untraditional, yet conceivable manner.

Goddamnit Kamala! Not you! You went to Howard University, for Christ’s sake.

An aside: In third grade I ran for Sergeant at Arms of my class. I delivered a rap-speech that my parents wrote. I remember one campaign poster that read “Breakin’, Poppin’, there’s no stoppin’ Stephen Crockett for Sgt. at Arms” the poster showed me breakdancing. This was 1984 and was also the last successful merger between hip-hop and politics.


Also from the magazine named after the White House toilet, XXL:

“So, when you tell me to go and vote, go and vote/Well, the reason why it’s such a hard one/’Cause how we expect our people to get jobs and the president can’t even get the job done,” Charlie Clips spits to DNA halfway through the campaign ad. While the initial scene of the ad takes place on a basketball court in Washington, D.C., near Howard University, the visual later transitions to the two men standing feet away from the White House.“So, you think because you brought me here that I’m just supposed to confide in Biden?/What about the innocent Blacks that get snatched out of their car just for riding?/We don’t even ask for much/All we do is ask for respect/Before they did what they did to George Floyd/This country had they foot on our necks/Now, do you understand why I’m upset?” Clips rhymes.“I feel you/’Cause every time we throw the system a uppercut, all they give us in return is low blows/But Biden and Harris got a plan to outlaw the chokehold/It’s inspiring/Donald Trump is The Apprentice/But now it’s our turn to do the firing,” DNA responds off the top of the dome.


Watch the whole thing below:

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


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