Glenn Beck's Falling Down


Glenn Beck has been flying off the rail for years now, but you can forgive him for calling Obama a racist. He sees… BLACK PEOPLE.

He isn't a lot different than some othe white people you know who have been able to basically ignore black people all their lives. They know black people, they may have black friends, but they don't like the idea of black people they can't control or predict and it scares the be-Jesus out of them. Beck personafies middle-American paranoia that President Barack Obama is not just black, but blacker than they thought. He might be prone to the same kind of cronyism and pandering—Black!—that his white predecessors have been and that will ultimately not just shake-up the status quo, but embolden other black people to shake up the status quo.


If Barack Obama loved America, they reason, he would keep the racial caste system intact and leave the lines of communication closed so there would never be any kind of racial reconciliation and there would always be strife, the cops would keep the n-words in check and they could all  get some sleep. But to Beck's way of thinking, President Obama is a racist who doesn't like white people, eschews white culture and white values and may, in fact, be growing an Afro. The more people I hear talk about Obama, the more I get the sense that they are a lot of white people afraid of what's happening to their America. They are being forced to deal with issues that existed in their peripheral for so long. There's this shock of enlightenment that's happening all over the nation. It's like that dude D-Fens, you know? Some white people are walking around a world that seems to have sprung up around them overnight.

Beck is afraid that a black man has been elected President.

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