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The Chicago politician's critics should be patient, BlackAmericaWeb's Michael H. Cottman says.

With the cacophony of negative noise and the political vultures circling, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has emerged as a voice of reason.

She said, simply, that Jackson ought to have "the care and time he needs to get well." …

In a candid admission, Jacqueline Jackson said Jackson Jr. has dealt with "enormous" political disappointments in recent years.

"He thought he was going to be the senator — thought he was going to have a chance to run for mayor," Jackson said last week during a Rainbow Push conference in Chicago. "And young people don’t bounce back with disappointment like me and my husband."

Jackson does have an obligation to share the details of his medical condition with his constituents — and explain his prolonged absence from work.

But as a tireless 17-year member of Congress, Jackson's critics should not try to pressure him into explaining anything right now …


Read Michael H. Cottman's entire article at BlackAmericaWeb.

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