Give Diddy, Steph Curry and Colin Kaepernick the Carolina Panthers Now

Updated Monday, Dec. 18, 2017, 11:21 a.m. EST: Colin Kaepernick wants in on Diddy’s scheme to buy the Carolina Panthers—and not just to play quarterback.

Responding to the hip-hop mogul’s weekend social media campaign (OK, a few tweets and an Instagram video), Kaepernick wrote on Twitter:

“I want in on the ownership group! Let’s make it happen!”



Diddy told you he was about that NFL-owner life. Earlier in the year, when the controversy around NFL players’ protests during the national anthem was at its boiling point, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs proposed that black players have “our own league.” Now the hip-hop mogul has set his eyes on something smaller and more achievable: owning the Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers’ current owner, Jerry Richardson, announced Sunday that he would be selling the football team at the end of the season following news of a sexual harassment scandal. Combs pounced on the news Sunday.

“I would like to buy the @Panthers. Spread the word. Retweet!” Combs tweeted out. He also added that there no black owners in the NFL with a majority stake in their teams. “Let’s make history,” Combs added.


North Carolina native Steph Curry fucked with the vision, telling Combs via Twitter, “I want in!


Combs also laid out his vision on his Instagram: Sign Colin Kaepernick. Make halftime shows that slap. And win Super Bowl after Super Bowl.


“I will immediately address the Colin Kaepernick situation and put him in the running for next year’s starting quarterback,” Combs promised.

Combs has had his mind set on owning an NFL team since 2013, according to the New York Daily News. As he has noted, there are currently no black NFL majority owners in the league. The Panthers are currently valued at $2.3 billion, according to the Daily News, although the team will certainly sell for more than that. Combs’ current net worth is hovering around $820 million, according to Forbes, though he is closing in on 10-digit wealth.


Anyone want to start a GoFundMe for the rest of that $1.48 million?

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this post quoted the New York Daily News valuation of the Panthers’ franchise at $1 billion. That number is incorrect and has been updated. The new value also means we’re out of GoFundMe and into “Oprah, do you have a minute?” territory.

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As a South Carolina based fan of both the Panthers and Diddy:

1) Him repeatedly calling them the NORTH Carolina Panthers bothered me more than I care to admit.

2) We already have a starting QB. Kaep can certainly be on the team but he’s not starting over Cam.

3) I rather see an ownership group with Oprah, and say Beyonce, as the lead. That is to say, they’d have a better shot at ownership than Diddy. The way the NFL works, the other owners (see: 30 old, rich white men and one old, rich, minority gentleman) will determine who is allowed to buy the team. I just don’t see them selling to Sean, no matter how much I would love to see that happen.