From Al Jazeera:

"A panel ordered by Barack Obama to develop new US policy on the detention of so-called terrorism suspects as part of his effort to shut the Guantanamo prison, has delayed its report to the president by six months.

Aides to Obama said the task force would miss the administration's own Tuesday deadline for offering the president a full list of recommendations amid divisions between congress and the White House over the fate of Guantanamo detainees.

The president has faced strong opposition from legislators, including from his own Democratic party, to the transfer of prisoners to US soil for detention and trial.

In May, congress demanded a detailed plan on closing the prison before it would grant Obama the necessary funds to do so.


Administration officials maintained, however, that they were on track to deliver on Obama's pledge to shut down the prison in Cuba by January.

A separate government task force reviewing detainee interrogation rules also fell short of its Tuesday deadline and was granted an extra two months to submit a final report, senior administration officials said."

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How many of the people on that panel are PUMPED health care is the fight du jour? The Buzz is thinking all of them.