Gina Macauley on Dunbar Village

Gina Macauley of What About Our Daughter.Com — God Bless Her — is completely batshit. More than a little uptight, deluded with a magnificent ego and a talent for manufacturing outrage with crazy headlines, she could find "obsfucation and misdirection" in a ham sandwich, and probably has.  Sharp like a needle stuck in a block of green jello, you should not be fooled by her antics: Gina is Duke Law, and probably not the one to eff with. Think, Sojourner Truth as Crazy Cat Lady.

But she's the kind of crazy I like, because when she's wrong, she doesn't care. And when she's right, she's absolutely right. Spot on. She has a way of grabbing hold to important issues in our community and not letting go, like the tragedy at Dunbar Village. The fact is no one has been following the Dunbar Rape Case like she has, and no one has been beating the drum to make sure that justice was served like her. If there was an award for Internets activism, I'd have to say she should get one.

This week, the monsters that made a mother fellate her son have been sentenced to life in prison, which doesn't quite cut it. I guess you can't kill these bastards, but I don't see why not. Thanks to Gina for making sure this story didn't slip between the cracks and seeing it all the way through, from arrest to final gavel.

Well done.

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