Geraldo's All for Frisking Kids in Hoodies

Fox News
Fox News

If Geraldo Rivera's comments about Trayvon Martin's death earlier this month (that the unarmed teen's hoodie was as much to blame for his death as was George Zimmerman) constituted a teachable moment, then the talk-show host just failed the midterm exam in "Things Not to Say About Black Kids in Hoodies 101."


He's now arguing that a policy of frisking "minority kids on corners with hoodies on" is justifiable. Even the Fox & Friends hosts he was talking to when he made the comment thought it sounded a little off.

From Mediaite:

Geraldo Rivera offered a contradictory take on two issues during his appearance on Friday’s Fox & Friends when he suggested that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s surveillance of extremist Muslim groups since 9/11 had outlived its usefulness, but that the New York City Police Department would be found by the Justice Department to have done no wrong for targeting and frisking “minority kids on corners with hoodies on.”

Kilmeade brought up the federal Department of Justice’s investigation into the NYPD, which Rivera said would amount to nothing. Rivera said that programs under investigation, like “stop and frisk” would be found legal and justifiable because the NYPD is targeting “minority kids on corners with hoodies on.” The Fox & Friends hosts immediately stopped Rivera, and co-host Steve Doocy asked Geraldo whether he would be in to “apologize for anything else.”

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