Georgia Historical Markers Commemorating Jackie Robinson and Victims of Lynching Shot Up by Vandals

Jackie Robinson (1919 - 1972) grounds a ball at first place while warming up for an exhibition game against the New York Yankees, Ebbets Field, NYC, 1950s.
Jackie Robinson (1919 - 1972) grounds a ball at first place while warming up for an exhibition game against the New York Yankees, Ebbets Field, NYC, 1950s.
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Proving once more they’re the biggest snowflakes of the bunch, a group of unknown vandals repeatedly shot two historical markers in Georgia dedicated to Jackie Robinson and victims of lynching.


According to CNN, the signs were part of the Civil Rights Trail, a series of markers devoted to explaining how Black people overcame slavery, Jim Crow laws, violence, and would go on to make history. After The Georgia Historical Society received news that Robinson’s sign, located in his birthplace of Cairo, Ga., had been vandalized they sent a member to investigate. The member found that the sign was apparently shot on both sides, with Lt. Daniel Lindsay of the Grady County Sheriff’s Office saying it looked as though a shotgun was used.

The sign was located in a relatively remote area, and as such local authorities have no leads on when the vandalism initially occurred nor who might have been responsible.

From CNN:

Georgia Historical Society board member Erroll B. Davis Jr., former chancellor of the University System of Georgia, decried the damage done to the marker for Robinson, the Major League Baseball star whose achievement in breaking the sport’s color barrier “should bring pride to all Americans.”

“This is a shameful act of vandalism that unfortunately has been carried out against several other markers that commemorate Civil Rights figures, in Georgia and beyond,” Davis said in a statement.

Robinson’s marker was the second in the last year to be damaged by gunfire. In late 2020, unknown vandals also apparently shot at a marker near Valdosta that memorializes lynching victims including Mary Turner, a 21-year-old Black woman who was burned and shot to death by a mob while she was eight months pregnant. She was killed the day after her husband was lynched, two of 11 Black residents of their town to be lynched by a mob within days.

The vandalism of Turner’s sign was so severe that the sign had to be recast. As white America continues to feel aggrieved for no fucking reason, civil rights markers such as these have been repeatedly vandalized. In Mississippi, a memorial to Emmett Till had to be reforged with bulletproof steel after it was repeatedly shot at by folks who probably say “waving the confederate flag isn’t racist,” and then turn around to do shit like this.

As a result of the Georgia Historical Society financing, that same course of action is unlikely. Instead, Historical Society president and CEO Todd Groce told CNN that after being recast, the signs will likely be relocated to a more populated area so that more people can see them and will hopefully make them less likely to be vandalised.


“All Americans of all races need to embrace these stories,” Groce told CNN in regard to the markers. “It illustrates who we are. Sometimes it tells some pretty ugly things about us.”

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Uncle Joey

“As white America continues to feel aggrieved”

No; as the MAGA/GOP contingent of white America continues to feel aggrieved. There need to be distinctions made between the actual racists, who are admittedly legion, and the many white people who are virulently anti-racism, anti-Trump, pro-BLM, etc etc. Continuing to lump them all together like this is counter-productive. If you want to win over the soccer moms and suburban families and whatnot who can still be lured to the side of the good guys and girls, which is massively important for the long run (racism is taught and handed down from parent to child, so we need to get to those parents before they ruin their children with bigotry and ignorance), then acting like they are no different than the inbred racist dipshits on the other side is not going to help. I mean, how many thousands of white people were part of the BLM protests? Im not saying they deserve medals or some shit, but villifying them just as much as the MAGA crowd is going to do far more harm than good in the long run. I live in rural OH, major Trump country. I know how these people think. I read and hear their conversations. As ridiculous as it probably sounds, it’s not easy for white people in areas like this, where racism is ingrained into the community, who do actually speak out against and take action against racism. They become Public Enemy #1. Their houses get vandalized, they get death threats, they get ostracized, etc etc. When they do that and then still get treated like they are just as racist as the people threatening them anyways, they arent going to continue to take those stands, and then we’re back at square one.

This isnt meant as “not all white people.” It’s only meant as “dont drive away the people who have actually been swayed and had their eyes opened, and lose what progress has been made.” Big picture, mang....