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A group of Georgia high school tennis players are in a heap of trouble after posing for a racist photo that featured them with white bags over their heads—eyeholes cut out—Ku Klux Klan style.

According to WMAZ-TV, the photo was apparently taken last week after Telfair County High School’s tennis team lost a state tournament in Rome, Ga., to a team that, of course, included black members.


These salty little trolls.

Just another day in these United States.

The school superintendent announced his plans to discipline those behind the stunt, slamming the photo as “highly offensive.”

“We are in the process of finishing up the investigation and disciplining those students involved,” Superintendent Lenard Harrelson said Thursday afternoon.

However, Harrelson declined to say how many students were involved or how they would be punished.


The photo, like in many other cases, originated on Snapchat before spreading across other social media platforms.

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