George Zimmerman (Joe Burbank/Pool/Getty Images)
George Zimmerman (Joe Burbank/Pool/Getty Images)

Police Chief Steve Bracknell, in charge of the Florida town where George Zimmerman resides, Lake Mary, agreed in a series of emails that he is a "ticking time bomb." Lake Mary police responded to the domestic dispute at Zimmerman's home on Monday. Chief Bracknell also concurred that Zimmerman is another "Sandy Hook" waiting to happen, according to ThinkProgress.

Bracknell expressed his views in response to two emails from Santiago Rodriguez, who reached Bracknell through a contact form on the police department's website. Bracknell confirmed the emails' authenticity to ThinkProgress and subsequently tried to distance himself from the remarks.

Rodriguez's first email was an extended, and sometimes angry, critique of how the Lake Mary Police Department handled their response to the recent altercation between George Zimmerman, his wife and his father in law. Rodriguez told Bracknell that he had a responsibility to charge Zimmerman because he was another "Sandy Hook… waiting to happen." Bracknell responded with a detailed defense of the police department's conduct, but explicitly endorsed Rodriguez's comments on Sandy Hook.

Asked to elaborate on his email, Bracknell attempted to distance himself from Rodriguez's comments, saying he did not agree and was "referring to the fact that [Zimmerman] seems to be involved in incidents" involving firearms.

In his second email, Rodriguez called Zimmerman a "ticking time bomb" who will snap "sooner or later." Again, Bracknell agreed. 


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