George Zimmerman Shooting Wasn’t Random Road Rage: Report

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Matt Apperson; George Zimmerman

Turns out George Zimmerman's brush with death Monday in Florida was everything but random. According to WESH, the man who allegedly fired the shot that shattered Zimmerman's windshield and left him with cuts on his face had reportedly been threatened by Zimmerman some eight months earlier.

No arrests have been made or charges filed in the Monday-afternoon shooting. According to authorities who spoke with WESH, the alleged shooter, Matt Apperson, called police sometime in September claiming that Zimmerman tried to kill him in a road rage incident.


Don West, Zimmerman's attorney, told the news station that Zimmerman had recently moved out of Florida and was only back in the state for Mother's Day. He was headed to a doctor's appointment when Monday's incident took place, West said.

"George was driving down the road on Lake Mary Boulevard. This guy was sort of following him and flashing lights and such," West said. "[Zimmerman] decided to get away from him, decided to make a U-turn. And this guy made a U-turn right behind him and then pulled up alongside him and shot at him."


Apperson reportedly told Kenneth Cornell, who works near the site of the incident, that he shot at Zimmerman after Zimmerman pulled a gun.  

"He said it was a road rage incident; that they were driving down the street and George pulled a gun on him," Cornell told WESH.


According to the Daily Mail, the first encounter between the two happened late last year.

Zimmerman claimed that in September, two men verbally bashed him at a stoplight when they believed he disrespected them, according to the report. Zimmerman claimed he was just listening to music and that finger gestures he made were a result of his grooving to the tunes. According to the Daily Mail, Apperson told police that during this incident Zimmerman flashed a gun and yelled at him, "Do you know who I am? I'll f—king kill you."


Apperson also claimed that Zimmerman followed him into a gas station but left when he went inside to call the police.

Two days after the September incident, Apperson called police to report that Zimmerman's truck was parked outside his job. Zimmerman told police that he was parked there on his way to the doctor's, the Daily Mail reports. 


Regarding Monday's incident, Zimmerman's lawyer told WESH that he is confident his client will be absolved of any wrongdoing once the case is investigated.

"Law enforcement will do their job. They'll decide what charges to file. I'm confident George will not be charged," West told the news station.


"It doesn't surprise me this fellow would say [that] George waved a gun or did something. He's in a lot of trouble. That's a very serious crime. You know, the circumstances would suggest that if he didn't want to kill him, he certainly didn't care if he did."

Read more at WESH and the Daily Mail.

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