Game On! The 2012 GOP Battle Begins

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According to MSNBC, Mitt Romney's getting defensive about criticism from Mike Huckabee on health care today signifies the real start of the race for the 2012 GOP nomination. Although Romney hasn’t officially announced his candidacy, if he's going to engage in this type of debate, he may as well:

In his new book, Mike Huckabee writes, "Ever since the debate over [the national health care] program began, it’s been compared to 'RomneyCare,' the failed statewide health care program implemented by none other than my fellow GOP member Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts." Romney's spokesman responded to National Journal: "Mitt Romney is proud of what he accomplished for Massachusetts. … What's important now is to return to the states the power to determine their own health care solutions by repealing Obamacare. A one-size-fits-all plan for the entire nation just doesn't work." But then Palin's communications aide, Rebecca Mansour, re-Tweeted this line: "Romney spokesman: He's darned proud of RomneyCare."


But if he does run, he might have some unexpected competition. Newser reports that Jimmy McMillan of The Rent Is Too Damn High party has decided to become a Republican, and he thinks he's "the strongest person in the race right now." (Except, of course, no one is officially in the race at all.)

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