GALLERY: Looking Back on the Million Man March


Lauren is a former Deputy Editor of The Root.

In the Shadow of the Capitol


The final attendance count of the event is still under dispute. The National Park Service estimated attendance at 400,000, which officials later admitted was low. Nation of Islam organizers maintained that they reached their million-man goal. No matter the final number, the photos don't lie — the march was a heavily attended success.

History in the Making

Here's a man who knew we would be writing about this day 15 years later.

Safely Speaking


Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, who organized the Million Man March, addresses the crowd from behind bulletproof glass, flanked by Fruit of Islam security.

Conspiracy Theories


A man holds up a dire sign. 

Joy and Peace Ruled the Day


The joy on this man's face is apparent as he raises his arms above his head to hold up twin peace signs.

Masses Flocked to the Mall


The view of the rally from the U.S. Capitol shows the throngs of men who traveled from near and far to attend the march.



A group of gay men protest on the sidelines. They weren’t the only ones feeling unwelcome that day. Controversy swirled around the march because of the organizers' exclusion of black women.

Bonding Moments


A father and son embrace.

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